Perhaps You’ve Noticed Something About Dad

As you settle into the long Thanksgiving weekend with older family members, it is possible you notice things are different.  Is the house or apartment less tidy?  Perhaps it is not up to their usual standards of cleanliness.  Is their appearance less tidy as well?  Is there a change in behavior or mood?  A change in weight?  Overall, are things looking out of sorts?

These things can be a sign they need more assistance with the everyday tasks of living.  Holidays can be a good time to recognize the changes and start to work toward a plan for getting them the assistance they need.  This week the National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers re-posted an article from PRWEB that gives a list of seven signs to look out for.  First published in 2013, the information still applies and can get you thinking, and start a conversation with your loved one to move toward providing them the support they may now need.