Talking with a Senior About Driving – Call in the Supports

At this time of year, with holidays and family gatherings, we often notice things in an elder’s daily life that we may not have noticed before.  Perhaps you are visiting and notice dents or scratches on the car your parent drives.   Or they’ve had a recent medical event and you wonder if the driving  should stop.  There are numerous ways to approach the conversation, and one that I noticed about a year ago on a popular TV show – Blue Bloods, was especially good.  The episode – “Greener Grass” – included a storyline about this subject.  Henry, the patriarch of the family, had some dents and scratches on his car and his son, Frank (played by Tom Selleck), brought it up.  He was obviously uncomfortable as he did this, and it wasn’t long before the conversation erupted into a shouting match.  There was no resolution that day, and after much worrying, Frank brought his daughter into the discussion with Grandpa.  They all sat down again and with Erin’s help this time, were able to get through the discussion.  It was a touching scene, and one that is worth looking up for some ideas about discussing this subject.  The episode is “Greener Grass,” which is from Season 3, Episode 6 of Blue Bloods on CBS.