Medicare has a program called “Extra Help” that can be a big savings for those who qualify.  Medicare officials are estimating that approximately two million people qualify but have not applied.  In order to get the benefit, one must apply.  If eligible, the prescription savings can be significant.

Under the Extra help program, in 2018 one qualifies with an income below $18,210 (single), or
$24,690 (married).  Additionally, resources (excluding one’s home, cars and personal possessions) must be worth no more than $14,100 (single), or $28,150 (married).

Once enrolled, the savings are in the premiums, deductibles and low copayments for
drugs.  If you know someone struggling with the cost of their medications, qualify on income, and they are enrolled in a Medicare Part D prescription plan, they can enroll online at the Social Security Website or call 1-800-772-1213.