Helping You Give Them the Care They Need

If you have the responsibility of caring for an aging or disabled loved one, you know better than anyone the rewards, but also how much time and stress can be involved. You may be a caregiver with young children and/or a demanding job. If you are a long distance caregiver, you have the worry and the stress, but aren’t always there to check in, oversee the situation in the home, coordinate the care, or respond to crises. With any of these scenarios, you may need additional help.  You may benefit from the guidance of an aging life care specialist.

As an aging life care specialist in Northern Virginia, I help families give their loved one the care they need. Whether your loved one is unable to live safely in their current environment, has limited or no family support, or if you as the family have just become involved with helping them and need guidance regarding local resources and services, I can help you identify the care they need, coordinate services amongst their care providers, and when necessary, help identify an appropriate setting for them to live.

For long-distance caregivers, I can be your eyes and ears on the home situation, and while you will still be involved as loved one and/or decision maker, I am there to reduce your worries and allow you the time to meet the other responsibilities of your life.  To discuss your caregiving challenges, contact me at 703-329-0900, or via email here.

Aging Life Care Management Services for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities

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